Do The Things Online
That Actually Make You Money

The Product

The Right Blend
of SEO and SEM,
with a dab of Video Marketing

Yes, I’m there is a place for organic traffic and paid traffic.  Not all business need them both, but some do.  Of course you need a good place to send the traffic and you need to do capture it or convert it when it arrives.

Good Website

Reflects your business well.  Captures Leads. Converts visitors into clients & customers.


Website shows up when potential customers are looking for your service.


Paid Advertising (Search Engine Marketing).  Faster results than SEO, at a price.  If done right, it’s great.


Grab visitors with engaging videos.  Especially on their mobile devices.

Mobile is MORE important than desktop

Responsive Websites are Smart

Mobile traffic has now surpassed Desktop traffic.  Are you ready?

One Website

No need for multiple websites. Cut down on cost.

Built In Navigation

Brick and mortar store?  Use the phones built in navigation tools to bring the customer to your door.

Capture the Lead Now

Simple Form Fills allow you to easily capture your lead, and allows you to interact with them via email.

Be with your Customer

Meet your customers on the Go.

Call Right Now

Make it super easy for your customer to contact you.  Click to Call.

Get Real with Video

Mobile is great for Video.  People prefer video over long text.  Helps with Engagement.

INBOUND 2013 Recap INBOUND is a four-day marketing experience that brings together thousands of marketers from around the globe for an annual event held in...
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Company Blog should still be the foundation of your Content Marketing

The following article confirms that many options exist for content marketing, but your blog is still, and probably will be for some time, the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy. The article only briefly mentions video (YouTube specifically) in passing, but...
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Video Production in Atlanta for Marketers

It seems that there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear someone saying that video is the best thing for marketing your business. To their credit, it’s mostly true. There are so many different elements that marketers are trying to utilize to...
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Anatomy of a Reality Style Business Video

The two most popular video styles for business advertising is slide show style and reality video style. Below, we will showcase a popular realty style introduction video. Videos of this form, will normally utilize all of the following : 1. Live Video Shoot (Reality...
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Is Atlanta Video Advertising Expensive?

The simple answer to this question is no if you do things properly. If you remember to following certain rules when it comes to using videos as a form of advertising for your business they can prove extremely worthwhile. In fact you can see a far better return on your...
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Importance Of Mobile Websites For Local Businesses

Before we purchase anything these days we like to know a little more about what we are looking at buying. Generally we’ll search on the internet to read any reviews or complaints that have been published about the product or service under consideration....
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The Value of Being on Page 1 of Google

Everyone knows that it’s better to be on page 1 Google than on page 2 or beyond.  What most people don’t know is that it makes a huge difference where you are on page 1.  To be on page 1 is good, but the difference between the first link and the last link...
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DIY Small Biz Website for $10? Really?

I was researching some recent data about the trends in Small Businesses use of the internet and their satisfaction with their existing website (if they have one). I’ll write a summary post of that info later (the link about the report is at the end of this...
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