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Video Marketing for the Local Business

It is getting harder and harder to engage your online visitors in world of smart phones and instant access to the internet for “quick searches” or the latest gossip on Facebook.  The small business owner’s simple website can be greatly improved by simply adding a video to the homepage.  Visitors are comfortable with videos, and expect some type of multimedia presentation when visiting websites.

In the case of a direct marketing video, you want it to do the following :

1. Introduce the business / product
2. Show that a real person is behind the business (we all like to see who we are about to spend our money with).
3. Provide contact info
4. Do it all within 30-90 seconds.

Below is an example of a short and simple video that highlights the above items.

Also note the simple transitions, text additions, background music and license plate blurring.   The video was produced with a Kodak ZI8 video camera,  wired lavalier mike and tripod.  The post video production was done with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.


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