It seems that there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear someone saying that video is the best thing for marketing your business. To their credit, it’s mostly true. There are so many different elements that marketers are trying to utilize to increase their sales teams lead funnel, that it’s hard to choose what to try first.

Video online is getting better and better:

There are over 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (*YouTube). This is not just low quality video from years ago, it’s full HD Video and sometimes 3D Video. YouTube automatically adds closed captioning to the video you upload and indexes it in search results. Everyone’s internet connection speed is increasing as well so that downloading or streaming these videos is much more enjoyable. As cameras get better and less expensive, it seems that everyone has a video – except your company – and they are looking pretty good. But you also find that some videos just don’t look that good and not very professional.

The video might be in HD but it’s not a quality production. You can see easily who has invested the time and money into producing a quality video production. The monetary investment doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars – just the right amount to get the job done right.

Video is a lead generating machine:

As videos become easier to view online and search engines continue incorporating them in search results, more and more people are watching videos. People are also watching longer periods of time. Over 2 minutes worth, on average, per video. 83% of website visitors will click and watch your video. Website visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not (Internet Retailer). What does this mean? People who watch videos are better informed about your product or service and feel empowered to make a buying decision. Needless to say, you need to find a trusted video production company in Atlanta like DCD – Complete Marketing Solutions, which understands how to us video to market to consumers. If you can generate more leads with a quality video, then why are you not using video?

How to get started with a Video Production:

First step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one… The problem is that you have no idea or very limited knowledge on producing videos. This is where a company like MarketingHunters can benefit your business. Ken, for instance, can help you through the process of determining the right steps to take towards producing your video. There are many elements to consider, here are just a few: video subject, budget, timeframe. We have a free eBook ’10 Steps to Video Production’ that gives you a general idea of how tostart – but you’ll benefit most by reviewing it with Ken from MarketingHunters.

Author Info:

David Caron

David Caron is an inbound marketing expert. David is an accomplished website designer, video production producer and SEO guru. Founder and President of DCD – Complete Marketing Solutions, find him on Twitter @DavidCaronDC.