Before we purchase anything these days we like to know a little more about what we are looking at buying. Generally we’ll search on the internet to read any reviews or complaints that have been published about the product or service under consideration. Certainly for any business to succeed it must ensure that it can provide information that its prospective customers will want. Certainly within the last several years the significance of mobile websites for local businesses has exploded quite substantially.So what are the reasons why as a business you need to be aiming to make sure that your website is mobile friendly? Below we take a look at just a number of these.

Reason 1 – Over the years the number of people who are choosing to use the internet as a source for information is increasing. During the last 10 years there’s been a massive surge in internet usage. In fact in the USA alone it grew between 2000 and 2010 an amazing 150%.

Reason 2 – Around 40% of all people who own a mobile phone today will go online and around half of these will actually be spending time online at least once each day.

Reason 3 – The creating of a mobile website for your business is relatively inexpensive. However how they are designed is different from the way in which a traditional website will be designed because of the screen size and resolutions that need to be worked with. Plus you will find that creating such a site doesn’t take up as much time.