The handwriting is on the wall….. You better crank up that “Internet Thing” or be crushed by the guy down the street.

The time to act is now… Here is how I help small businesses get traffic to their website and more importantly, convert those visitors into paying clients.

Gainesville Internet Marketing Happy CustomerThere are a number of areas that may need to be addressed when looking at your specific marketing and traffic goals. These include :

1. Overall Internet Traffic Strategy
This requires an understanding of your current marketing sales funnel and your goals for increased sales from website visitors. Do you know how many visitors are going to your site today or last week? Do you know where they came from or what search terms they entered to find your site? These are basic questions that you need to know in order to determine if your website is really helping your business. I will benchmark your existing site to see how much traffic it is receiving. Once this benchmark is made, it will be monitored to determine how effective particular strategies are. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a business partner that can actually show you the increase or decrease in your web traffic in hard numbers?

2. Web Site Design & Optimization
I can either create a new website or evaluate your existing website and possibly recommend changes to increase traffic, lead capture or conversions.

3. Lead Capture and E-Mail List Management
I can help you implement a sophisticated lead capture mechanism that will allow you to easily communicate with your website visitors and convert a number of them into paying customers.  In addition to simply capturing leads, I can show you how to easily market to these leads in the future.  E-Mail marketing should also be considered as a customer retention strategy, and I can show you how to use it to keep your hard earned customers.

4. Mobile Internet Traffic
Traffic from customer utilizing mobile devices (iphones, google phone, cell phones, etc) is quickly surpassing traffic from traditional desktop computers. Is your business properly positioned to take advantage of this massive traffic flow? I can help you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with emphasis on Local Search
I can help optimize your existing website to give it better exposure to the major search engines. SEO is sometimes described as a “Black Magic”, but there are tried and true methods that can help, and conversely there are things that make your site less desirable to the search engines.

6. Keyword Research
What search terms are your potential customers using to find your website (if they are finding it at all)? Is your site optimized to make use of these searches? Is your site optimized for the wrong keywords? I can help you analyze your business /market and determine which keywords would be most valuable to your business.

7. Paid Traffic (PPC – Pay Per Click)
Have you noticed those links on the right side of the google search results page? Well, those are know as paid advertisements. The advertisers don’t pay however, unless a searcher actually clicks on their ad. There are specific strategies and skills necessary to create and manage a paid traffic campaign. Paid traffic is also often used as a testing vehicle to drive traffic to a website in order to test whether the page converts visitors into paying customers. I can help you determine whether paid traffic is a good option for your business and if it is, I can help in the actual campaign setup and management.

8. Video Marketing
Are you utilizing video in either a marketing campaign or educational campaign to drive traffic to your site? If you are not, I can guarantee that either your competition is or soon will be. Videos are very popular with the search engines and may customers search for videos on sites such as YouTube or Google Videos. Videos can rank well by themselves and if done properly, they can drive traffic to your primary site. Almost anyone can create a video and slap it up on YouTube, but there is a lot more to video marketing if you want to really stand out and compete aggressively in your market. I can produce and implement a overall video marketing campaign for your business and measure the benefits of this to your business.

9. Social Media Marketing
There is a lot of buzz today about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others.  People understand the use of social media for non business purposes, but few business owners understand how to use it in their day to day business.  Many businesses will live or die based on how they adopt social media in their marketing campaigns, and your competition will be using social media to make money.  Since social media marketing takes time to develop, you definitely don’t want to be behind the curve.

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