GraphPicEveryone knows that it’s better to be on page 1 Google than on page 2 or beyond.  What most people don’t know is that it makes a huge difference where you are on page 1.  To be on page 1 is good, but the difference between the first link and the last link is huge.  You  will get 14 times more clicks as the first link vs the bottom link.

Here is a summary of the click distribution for page 1 (details of where this data came from is included in the original article from SEOBook – link at the bottom of this post) :

Overall Percent of Clicks

Relative Click Volume

  1. 42.13%, 2,075,765 clicks
  2. 11.90%, 586,100 clicks
  3. 8.50%, 418,643 clicks
  4. 6.06%, 298,532 clicks
  5. 4.92%, 242,169 clicks
  6. 4.05%, 199,541 clicks
  7. 3.41%, 168,080 clicks
  8. 3.01%, 148,489 clicks
  9. 2.85%, 140,356 clicks
  10. 2.99%, 147,551 clicks
  1. 3.5x less
  2. 4.9x less
  3. 6.9x less
  4. 8.5x less
  5. 10.4x less
  6. 12.3x less
  7. 14.0x less
  8. 14.8x less
  9. 14.1x less
1st page totals: 89.82%, 4,425,226 clicks
2nd page totals: 10.18%, 501,397 clicks

In addition to that interesting bit of data, the original article shared some other fascinating morsels.

They took the same data used for the above example and categorized it into 20 different types of searches.  Of those searches, the largest percentage fell outside of the big categories.  Translated – People are searching on a lot of very specific and unique items that are not easily categorized.  Here is the chart from the original article :

To drive this data home, it was also mentioned (via comments made by folks at Google, speaking at different events over time) that in 2004 there were an average of 200 MILLION different DAILY searches on Google and of those 200 million, OVER 100 MILLION WERE UNIQUE ! Another Google employee in 2007 mentioned that on an average day, 20 – 25% of the search terms have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE by Google.

This is one of the better articles I have seen on this subject and is a very good read.

The full article  (Beware  – Your Brain will begin to hurt as you read this) is at

20 to 25% of the queries that Google sees in any given day are queries that they have never seen before