The simple answer to this question is no if you do things properly. If you remember to following certain rules when it comes to using videos as a form of advertising for your business they can prove extremely worthwhile. In fact you can see a far better return on your investment if you use video advertising rather than banner or pop up ads.

When it comes to making videos to advertise your business here in Atlanta,there are a few things that you should remember which will help you to avoid making the kinds of mistakes others have made.

One of the biggest mistakes made by Atlanta business owners when deciding to use videos to advertise their business is only to create one and then expect it to bring customers flooding to their website. Even creating two videos won’t be enough in order to help you establish your presence online. Not only will the creation of lots of videos make it easier for people to remember you but will also generate more publicity for you. Not only will this increase the chances of more potential customers seeing what it is you have to offer, but will provide you with an edge over your competitors.

Another mistake is having the wrong type of video created.  The two primary type of  videos are slide show and realty style videos.  If you are primarily advertising a product or a service, you can easily get away with a well produced slide show type video.  However, if the intent is to educate or add a real face to the business, then realty style is a better option.

Lastly, selecting the wrong company to produce your video can cause a big waste in your advertising budget, and ultimately not drive more customers to your business.  A lot of companies can do flashy slide show videos, but much fewer are comfortable with shooting reality style videos.  Here at, we understand the differences in these two styles and are comfortable with creating both.